Examples of Literature Reviews The website E-International Relations, which can be accessed at is an open access which features the works of students and senior scholars on international politics. Not only does this website provide access to undergraduate and postgraduate student essays, it also contains reviews and commentaries by established scholars, as well as interviews and reviews.

Example 1:A Critical Review of the Concept of Middle Power (2015), available at /2015/12/04/a-critical-review-of-the-concept-of-middle-power/. Shin Dong-Min on the concept of middle power is a nice example as it is structured in a logical way and puts forward an argument.

Dr Dong-Min starts by providing a short overview of the development of the concept in international politics, before moving on to a discussion of three main theoretical approaches used to understand the concept of a middle power. The author then details the limitations of these various approaches, and explains why an alternative theoretical approach, namely classical realism, is better suited to analysing middle powers. Finally, the conclusion summarises the main points raised in the review.

Example 2: A Critical Evaluation of the Concept of Human Security (2014), available at /2014/07/05/a-critical-evaluation-of-the-concept-of-human-security/. This review has been submitted by Luke Johns as part of a degree at the University of Kent, Canterbury, and critically appraises the concept of human security.

A good aspect of this essay is that it starts by giving the reader an overview of the structure of the discussion and the main points that will be raised Best websites to order a college international relations research proposal Standard Custom writing University Academic. | 2018-05-27 07:56:05 | 85 | 296..

Moreover, before analysing the utility of this concept, the author provides a definition and overarching features of human security, while nonetheless recognising that it suffers from conceptual ambiguity. After clarifying this concept, the author addresses its criticisms and concludes by arguing that ultimately its numerous weaknesses prevent the concept from being useful theoretically and practically.

Examples of Dissertation Abstracts The School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University provides a selection of abstracts of undergraduate dissertations in the field of politics between 2011 and 2015 Jump to Answers for first-year Research Students (MPhil/PhD) - Research training, wider studies on social science research, theoretical .

The link can be found at /politicalscience/undergraduate/seniorthesis . This abstract by Amelia Frappolli is well-structured and clear. It starts by providing a rational for the use of Congressional Commissions, a commentary on the limitations of existing studies that have used a similar data source, the data frame and methods of the research, the findings of the study, and its value.